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Central Invertech provides the needs of industrial Part and serves quality industrial repairs as well as servomotor improvements for over 20 years. We have the technical expertise, work experience, equipment and trained staff used to ensure the proper procurement and replacement of industrial equipment and ensure that your electronic control and servo motor repair are handled properly and correctly.


Central Invertech offers a variety of replacement and repair replacement services including Inverter repair, Dc Drive repair, Servo repair, SoftStart repair, PLC repair, HMI panel repair, Servo Motor repair, Dc Motor, Steeper Motor, Power Supply repair, Encoder repair, servo motor, plc programs, as well as providing services for various types of other industrial controls.


By building Inverter.co.id. We develop and find solutions and product improvement in Industrial Automation. We ensure our best service with the best quality in accordance with the wishes of our customers.


INVERTER.CO.ID makes the solution, as well as being a friend to fulfill all kinds of needs in our customer industry, we support with wholehearted and procurement part industry, Service Electronics industry, Cloning, Frenic Fuji electric service, Service servo, Service omron plc, plc, service power supply as well as special needs such as modification / electronic retrofit or system upgrades in the industry.


If you are looking for a fast and quality service, you can call us at call center 022 7831830 or you can easily enter the part / component you need in the Search & click field on our website. When the problem arises and you need a prompt and prompt solution, inverter.co.id will answer your call.



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