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Fuji Electric

Fenic Eco, Frenic Ace, Frenic 5000G9S, Frenic 5000G11, Frenic Mini, Frenic Mega, Frenic HVAC Loader, Frenic HVAC Aqua, 

FRN001AR1-2U, FRN002AR1-2U, FRN003AR1-2U, FRN005AR1-2U, FRN007AR1-2U, FRN010AR1-2U, FRN015AR1-2U, FRN020AR1-2U,  FRN001AR1-4U, FRN002AR1-4U, FRN003AR1-4U, FRN0.4G1S-4A, FRN0.75G1S-4A, FRN1.5G1S-4A, FRN2.2G1S-4A, FRN3.7G1S-4A, FRN5.5G1S-4A, FRN7.5G1S-4A, FRN11G1S-4A, FRN15G1S-4A, FRN18.5G1S-4A, FRN22G1S-4A, FRN30G1S-4A, FRN37G1S-4A, FRN45G1S-4A, FRN55G1S-4A, FRN75G1S-4A, FRN90G1S-4A, FRN110G1S-4A, FRN132G1S-4A, FRN160G1S-4A, FRN200G1S-4A, FRN220G1S-4A, FRN280G1S-4A, FRN315G1S-4A, FRN355G1S-4A, FRN400G1S-4A, FRN500G1S-4A, FRN630G1S-4A, FRN0.1C1S-2A, FRN0.2C1S-2A, FRN0.4C1S-2A, FRN0.75C1S-2A, FRN1.5C1S-2A, FRN2.2C1S-2A, FRN3.7C1S-2A, FRN0.1C1E-2A, FRN0.2C1E-2A, FRN0.4C1E-2A, FRN0.75C1E-2A, FRN1.5C1E-2A, FRN2.2C1E-2A, FRN3.7C1E-2A, FRN1.5C1S-2A21, FRN2.2C1S-2A21, FRN3.7C1S-2A21

Cempaka Arum Blok A5 N0.1A-1B Gedebage Bandung Jabar Indonesia

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