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 About Us
mission inverter.co.id

inverter.co.id will always analyze and develop leading-edge products and services to lead the market.
to realize inverter.co.id market will always listen and get customer feedback to drive product and service inverter.co.id front.
inverter.co.id will continue to invest in inverter.co.id to improve the services and products sold inverter.co.id.
inverter.co.id will continue to realize and maintain a workplace that is safe, comfortable, happy and financially advantageous.
inverter.co.id will always strive to realize our dreams.
Business Procurement Inverter.co.id part automation industry sells New and Surplus, Building automation system,design automation, dc drive repair,servo repair, inverter drive repair, encoder repair, PLC repair, Industrial Automation  HVAC and electrical control equipment for plant and facilities maintenance machinery. Inverter.co.id also have a full stock of spare parts to repair all Industrial Electronic and electrical equipment. inverter.co.id also buy test kits for Industrial Control.

Inverter.co.id address

Cempaka Arum No.1A Block A5 - B Gedebage Bandung Indonesia

40 293 zip code

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 to 17:00
Phone : 62 22 7831830
Email : infodotek@gmail.com

Repair, Surplus & New Supply Industry

    Drives Repair , Surplus & New
    encoder Repair , Surplus & New
    Remedial measure , Surplus & New
    Monitor / s PC Repair , Surplus & New
    Motor Repair , Surplus & New
    Repair panel meters , Surplus & New
    PLC Repair , Surplus & New
    Repair pneumatic , Surplus & New
    Power Supplies Repair , Surplus & New
    Improvements pressure control , Surplus & New
    Circuit Board Repair , Surplus & New
    Improved process control , Surplus & New
    Repair registrar , Surplus & New
    security controls Repair , Surplus & New
    SCR Control Repair , Surplus & New
    Repair sensors , Surplus & New
    Climate Repair , Surplus & New
    Test Equipment Repair , Surplus & New
    Timer / Counter Repair , Surplus & New
    Valve Repair , Surplus & New
    calibration Repair , Surplus & New
    and much more !

 Inverter.co.id Operations Engineering team is constantly analyzing all internal processes and implement changes, both automatic and manual.

    Role in realizing the commitment process reengineering initiatives with proven financial investment made ​​to change the internal business systems.

    Internal processes and realize the last use analysis methodologies and continuous improvement PQMI ( Process Quality Management and Improvement ) .

    Changes in realizing improvements identified in the Management Inverter.co.id and put in a formal change management system. They then evaluated, prioritized, implemented, measured and then increased again.