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Encoder Repair Services

    * Is your Encoder Damaged?
    * Do you want a Quick Repair a Fair Price?
    * Inverter.co.id can Encoder Repair And Return To restore more time Fast!

Save Time and Money with Encoder Repair Experts

If you are considering whether to fix your Encoder, why not let us give you a free evaluation and repair quote?
Inverter.co.id encoder improvement in 15% - 50% of the cost of buying new
    We Guarantee Our Repairs With Full one year warranty

We serve mostly models Heidenhain.
From Allen Bradley Encoder, BEI, FANUC, Tamagawa, Yaskawa Heidenhain ECN / Eqn / ERN 400 Series Rotary Encoder Heidenhain ECN / Eqn / ERN 400 Series Rotary Encoder.dan more. inverter.co.id quickly evaluate, repair, test and restore these encoders in perfect working order. See the list of our services encoder manufacturer

make improvements encoder for virtually every brand and type of encoder produced. For example, incremental encoder, optical encoders, Repair Rotary encoder, encoder Series, Parallel encoders, linear encoders,, Magnetic encoders, and more.
Do you know what is broken?

In addition to the main assembly encoder repair, repair inverter.co.id Resolvers Tachometer, DC Generator, Pulse Generator which often damaged the inside, or as part of multiple encoders.
Are You Fully repaired Encoder When Done?

We use sophisticated test procedures and equipment to determine the errors in the logic and analog circuits.

As needed, the following services are performed as part of the repair inverter.co.id encoder:

    Repair and calibration output
    Replacement pads
    Connector repair or replacement
    Shaft repair or replacement
    Optical component repair or replacement
    Optical Test and Alignment
    Encoders are cleaned and solder de - fluxed

Do Encoder Tested Before They Are Back? Of course!

ACS fully following tests to verify the repair complete encoder and the correct operation ...

    Test characteristics including the critical wave number of pulses per revolution, pulse shape, measuring filters and power consumption.
    Test all output channels
    Starting all extra TTL output.
    Shaft and check the speed signal
    Starting Pulse, and outputs digital modulation
    Check the output of Substitution
    Quadrature test signal
    Verification of high-resolution and more additional signals.

Manufacturers supported

inverter.co.id perform repairs on most manufacturers encoder encoder. The following is a list of the more popular encoder manufacturers we serve and repair. If your manufacturer is not shown here, so maybe we can get help. Please contact us for more information using our contact page, or call 62 22 7831830
Allen Bradley.BEI, Dynapar, FANUC, Fincor, GE Fanuc, Heidenhain, Sumtak, Tamagawa, Veeder Root, Yaskawa