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PLC Repair

   Service PLC, programmable logic control improvements , omron plc repair, ac repair plc, Service Plc, plc Zelio repair, Allen Bradley Plc repair , panasonic perbiakan plc, plc siemens s7 - 300 repair, GE repair plc, plc repair Modicon, Texas Instruments plc repair, and Siemens plc repairs We can usually fix your PLC within 10 days or less . We also offer a priority service when faster turnaround is needed , and in many cases , we can make improvements or building automation system , the new PLC to replace the failed unit immediately.

Service PLC Process Improvement :

  • Every unit we check using software plc.
  • All units are given a visual evaluation to examine the causes of damage such as heat, corrosion, water damage and excessive component burned. All that can prevent the unit from being repaired.
  • The unit is then given an offer, and we are awaiting your approval.
  • Once approved , the input signal is diagnosed with tester analysis.
  • If the input signal is bad electronic circuits checked .
  • If the input signal is turned on and the unit test both tested and analyzed to cause damage.
  • After repairs and preventive maintenance has been done to the unit, it was tested in accordance factory test fixture.
  • After the unit passes the test it is conformal coated to protect it from the environment, harsh temperatures that may be exposed.
  • Finally, we generate a report detailing our repair services, so you have a better understanding of why the PLC damaged. Because we have so much improved experience and knowledge of other PLC repair parts and their operation , we provide the most thorough and repair professionals . Each piece is tested under real conditions to ensure that the repaired part.

Our repair technicians have over 20 years experience with PLC and other electronic components. To ensure quality and reliability, we offer extensive testing to manufacturers specifications to all parts of the PLC .

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